About Me

My name is Helena. I’m a software tester.

I stumbled into testing from technical writing and became enchanted by it. I can’t seem to escape from the Testing Wonderland.

I consider myself part of the context-driven testing community and align with the principles of context-driven-testing.

This blog contains my musings on testing and experience reports on things I’ve tried or well, experienced. I try not to strive for perfection but rather record my whereabouts on my journey as well as I can.


Peers of Estonian Software Testing (PEST)

I’m lucky to have been invited to all Estonian peer conferences (5). It’s always full of insightful questions, deep discussion, fun and supporting peers.

More or less regular meetups in Tartu

Me and a bunch of testers get together on a fairly regular basis to drink (or not) a few beers and discuss testing.

Software Testing Club

I volunteer my time for editing articles (when sent my way) or whatever needs brainpower and input.

Nordic Testing Days

I have volunteered my time and superpowers to the only international testing conference in Estonia. In 2014 I was part of the content team, and I also dealt with social media and marketing.

I was the Program Chair and Marketing Person for Nordic Testing Days 2015. I’m part of the content team (with a bit of marketing on the side) for Nordic Testing Days 2016 and 2017.


Sometimes people want to tap into my experience and I try to make time for it because learning happens both ways: someone gets to discuss a problem they’re trying to solve but in the process of trying to help them figure it out I also learn more deeply about my experiences. I don’t offer this as a service and I don’t think I’m ready to take on a role of an actual mentor but I’m open to questions and discussions anyhow.

My conference talks

Nordic Testing Days 2013

I presented at Nordic Testing Days 2013 and told my story about getting testers and programmers to work together. Slides are available here. My experience report on my very first conference presentation is here.

Copenhagen Context 2015

I gave a talk at Copenhagen Context conference in February 2015 called “The Story of a Strange Seed”.

TestBash New York 2015

I gave the talk “The Story of a Strange Seed” at TestBash New York conference in November 2015. The video recording of the talk is available at The Dojo.

Copenhagen Context 2016

I gave the talk “Power and Change” at Copenhagen Context in February 2016.

Let’s Test 2016

I conducted 2 workshops with Erik Brickarp: “Speed Dating for Testers” and “Coaching Lessons from the Context of Transpection Tuesday”.

Peer conferences

I was invitied to TITAN peer conference in August 2015 http://www.karlskronatestgathering.se/titan.html where I talked about power and how I’ve found useful ways to think about it.


I will be giving the talk “The 4-hour Tester Experiment (No Testers Were Harmed)” with Joep Schuurkes at TestBash Manchester in October 2016.

Extra credits

I’m a proud graduate of BBST Foundations 2.0 course (September – October 2013).

I’ve attended the following courses by James Bach: Rapid Software Testing, Rapid Software Testing Management, Critical Thinking for Software Testers. I’ve also attended “Coaching Software Testers” by Anne-Marie Charrett and James Bach. I’ve also attended numerous tutorials at conferences.

One of the highlights of learning in my entire life was the Problem Solving Leadership (run by Gerald M. Weinberg and Esther Derby) course that I attended in Albuquerque, New Mexico in September 2015.

Where to find me

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/helena-jeret-m%C3%A4e/39/b43/643

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HelenaJ_M

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