Nordic Testing Days: Some Impressions

It has been a few weeks since I spent a couple of wonderful days in Tallinn among some really cool and fascinating testing nerds. If you weren’t at the Nordic Testing Days, I’d say you missed out. But no worries! I think it’s pretty certain the event will be held next year as well.

First of all, kudos to the team behind this event. Was this the first time for you? REALLY? Who are you kidding…

The location was great, the tracks were interesting, the people were awesome, and the whole atmosphere was energizing for me. For me, personally, everything went smoothly. Yes, I haven’t been to a testing conference before but I’ve been to a couple of other events. Last year I was in San Fran for the user conference held by our corporate office for the customers. I liked the event and it was awesome to meet our customers but, for example, the rooms were freakin’ cold… AC issues, yes. And I think the Embassy Suites tend to be completely anonymous (if you’ve been to a regular American hotel, you see what I mean).

It was also very heartwarming to receive a chocolate medal from Raimond (one of the organizers). I received it because I asked questions 🙂 It’s nice that curiosity is rewarded. I believe it was Kaspar who said I was QA – Question Assurance 🙂

In the first day I attended the keynotes, a workshop, and a few tracks. Then, of course, I went to the socializing event where I met interesting people. Unfortunately, people hadn’t brought their business cards… So now I can’t recall everyone’s names even. As I learned, some companies are not interested in providing their employees with business cards… Hey, business cards are no magic cards that would woo somebody over to your competitor’s office.

And then there was beer.

In the second day, I attended both keynotes, and spent the whole day in workshops which were awesome. I’ll be writing about everything soon enough 🙂

I have witnessed the empowering effects of spending time with like-minded people at the peer conference. Really, I go back to work and I feel exhilarated. I feel inspired. I feel like steering the Titanic is not that difficult even thought the icbergs keep popping up and it’s a bumpy ride.

So the same thing happened at the Nordic Testing Days where I met Sami, Pekka, Tobbe, Hegle, Kristjan, Mart, Erik, Ainars, Martti, Rasmus, and others (I’m sorry if I didn’t name you! I remember the faces but not all the names anymore…). It’s also awesome that we didn’t talk only about testing but also about photography (Sami) and beer (Ainars, thanks for the tips on Latvian beer).

Of course, meeting the “old pals” from PEST (Harles, Raimond, and Ervin) was the cherry on the top of the cake.

Thus, I’ll be looking forward to the next year’s conference, and yes, I expect it to be even better!

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